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Teachable Unleashes AI-Powered Tools for Streamlined Content Creation and Student Engagement



New York, May 8, 2023Teachable, the go-to no-code platform for creators, today announced a game-changing suite of new features aimed at empowering creators to maximize their content development, income generation, and student engagement. These tools will enable creators to build more impactful businesses through courses, coaching, and downloadable content.

Underlining Teachable’s commitment to creator control and ownership, Vice President of Product, Shelby Quinn, remarked, “Teachable creators are hungry for tools to help them more quickly deliver better learning experiences to their students, all while maximizing their earning potential as business owners. Our new batch of features ensures just that.”

Teachable’s AI-Powered Content Creation

At the heart of the latest Teachable enhancements are two AI-driven features, signaling the company’s core focus. Quinn believes that “AI will fundamentally transform how creators ideate and develop content, ultimately ushering in an entirely new era of growth for creators.”

The Course Curriculum Generator leverages AI to enable creators to build an initial course outline in seconds. Creators merely enter the topic and description of their intended course, and the generator provides a customizable sample outline. The tool has been embraced by the creator community, with a third of all schools on Teachable using it, generating roughly 130 curriculums daily on average.

For creators with established curriculums, Teachable is pioneering with an AI-driven Quiz Generator. This tool will provide suggested quiz questions and answers, enhancing the student learning experience and significantly reducing creators’ time spent revising existing content for course quizzes.

Elevating Earnings

Teachable’s new Cart Abandonment feature offers creators the ability to re-engage customers who almost made a purchase but dropped off before checkout. With enhanced customization, data access, and built-in tooling, creators can fully flexibly use this feature to boost their business. In just over a week, this feature has been adopted by more than 1,000 schools on the platform.

Further supporting creators’ income generation, Teachable has launched the Creator Referrals program. This highly-requested feature rewards existing Teachable creators with a $10 credit each time they invite new creators who subscribe to Teachable, with new creators also receiving a $10 credit.

Next month, Teachable is set to launch its Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality, expanding payment options for creators and making larger course purchases more accessible for students. Creators get paid upfront, while students make installment payments through Affirm or Afterpay.

Teachable Enhancing Student Engagement

Teachable is also introducing a Community feature to drive deeper, more impactful student engagement. Set to launch in beta this month, this feature offers creators a valuable way to interact with students, and students to connect, support, and learn from each other more effectively—all in one place.

These developments underscore Teachable’s commitment to empowering creators to share their knowledge and transform the lives of their students. Today, tens of thousands of creators use Teachable to reach more than 46 million students around the world.

For more information on Teachable’s product announcements and exclusive events, visit teachable.com or subscribe to their newsletter.

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