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ChatGPT Plugins Revolution: OpenAI Unveils 70 New Features in Latest Beta Rollout



In a revolutionary step, OpenAI has announced the release of a new beta version of ChatGPT plugins, bringing along an array of 70 plugins and web browsing capabilities for ChatGPT Plus users. This innovative rollout is set to redefine the user experience, making everything from entertainment to job searches a breeze.

A New Era of AI-Driven Web Interaction

ChatGPT’s latest release takes AI functionality to new heights. The experimental features on offer are set to transform the interaction landscape, bringing a realm of possibilities right to your chat interface.

ChatGPT Plus users now have the opportunity to opt into these experimental features, giving them access to a range of 70 plugins and web browsing capabilities, all in the latest version of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Plugins enable

To enable the beta features, users can head over to the beta features panel in the ChatGPT Plus user settings.

If successfully activated, users will witness the new look upon accessing the May 12 version of ChatGPT. The new additions of plugins, web browsing, and code interpreter are all available under GPT-4.

Unlocking A Universe of Features with 70 Third-Party ChatGPT Plugins

With a whopping 70 third-party plugins now available in the plugin store, the GPT-4 offers its users a range of options for various needs, including entertainment, home improvements, investing, job searches, marketing, prompt generation, shopping, tutoring, weather forecasts, and more.

ChatGPT Plugins (1280 × 853 px)

However, it’s worth noting that even with this vast array of plugins, users can only enable three for a single chat.

The Journey of New Feature Releases

OpenAI has also elucidated the key stages of new feature releases for ChatGPT. It all begins with a small group of users testing the new features (alpha stage), followed by ChatGPT Plus users who have opted in for these new features (beta stage), and finally, the features are made generally available.

These alpha and beta stages allow OpenAI to collect user feedback, which in turn aids in improving user experience, enhancing stability, and meeting quality standards before a widespread release.

As an alpha or beta stage user, you can influence the effectiveness and accuracy of new features by providing feedback through the options made available.

Creating Your Own ChatGPT Plugins

Developers who are keen on creating ChatGPT plugins can join the plugin waitlist. Once approved, OpenAI’s documentation will guide you through the process of building a plugin similar to those developed by well-known brands such as Instacart, Expedia, and KAYAK.

This release marks a significant step forward in the world of AI, and it’s exciting to see how these new features will transform our digital experience.

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