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GPT-4 with Browsing: OpenAI’s ChatGPT Breaks New Ground



ChatGPT: Breaking Free From the Past with “GPT-4 with Browsing”

OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has been a revolutionary force in the realm of AI-powered communication, despite one persistent constraint: its knowledge has been locked at 2021 data. However, that’s about to change with the arrival of the newest feature: “GPT-4 with browsing”. This groundbreaking update is poised to catapult ChatGPT into the present and beyond, bringing real-time, web-based knowledge to its repertoire.

GPT-4 with browsing

The Dawn of a New Era: GPT-4 with Browsing

The introduction of “GPT-4 with browsing” marks a significant leap forward for ChatGPT. This innovative model, currently in its alpha stage, is being gradually rolled out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. It is a much-anticipated update that not only connects ChatGPT to the internet but also unlocks access to more current information, a functionality already present in Bing Chat.

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This advancement signals a major step in ChatGPT’s evolution, leveling the playing field with other AI chatbots that already enjoy web connectivity. But gaining access to this futuristic feature isn’t automatic. It’s currently available at the discretion of OpenAI, with a select group of ChatGPT Plus users given the first taste of this new era.

ChatGPT Alpha: Your Gateway to Tomorrow’s Tech

OpenAI isn’t just stopping at “GPT-4 with browsing”. The ChatGPT Alpha program is another initiative that allows users to experiment with new features of ChatGPT. As an extension of the ChatGPT platform, which is based on both GPT-3.5 and the new GPT-4 architectures, ChatGPT Alpha is designed to bring even more advanced capabilities to its users.

To access the exclusive features of ChatGPT Alpha, users are required to join the ChatGPT Plugins waitlist. Currently, this opportunity is open to developers and ChatGPT Plus users, with a broader rollout planned for the future.

Joining the waitlist is simple: users visit OpenAI’s website, navigate to the ChatGPT Plugins waitlist page, and fill out the signup form. Upon approval, they’ll receive an invitation to explore the latest Alpha features and the chance to provide valuable feedback for further improvements.

With the advent of “GPT-4 with browsing”, ChatGPT is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI communication, offering an exciting glimpse into the future of human-AI interaction.

Andy Cole
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