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Voices Study Reveals Creative Industry’s Optimism and Ethical Concerns about Generative AI



NEW YORK, April 28, 2023

Today, Voices, the world’s leading voice-over marketplace, released their insightful “AI in the Creative Industry Report.” This report explores the sentiments of creative professionals towards the latest developments in generative AI. Interestingly, it reveals that while creatives are excited about new tools, they are equally concerned about ethical considerations.

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The Intersection of AI and Creativity

The AI in the Creative Industry Report provides a comprehensive overview of the creative industry’s sentiments towards AI, drawing from the responses of hundreds of creatives—from video producers and content creators to social media managers and beyond.

David Ciccarelli, CEO and Founder of Voices, expresses the dichotomy of sentiments as “curiosity and concern.” He acknowledges the significant potential that new generative AI tools have to transform creative processes and outcomes but also recognizes the necessity of addressing ethical issues.

AI’s Future Impact on the Creative Industry

According to the study, over forty percent of surveyed creatives believe significant elements of their job can be automated by AI. Additionally, a remarkable 85% believe AI-generated content will eventually be indistinguishable from human-made content. However, two-thirds of creatives remain optimistic, believing that AI developments will create new job opportunities within their industry.

The Ethics of AI: Credit, Consent, and Compensation

Despite their optimism and curiosity, creatives express concerns over ethics, with over eighty percent of respondents saying content creators should receive credit if their work was used to train an AI model.

Ciccarelli emphasizes the importance of guiding principles to ensure ethical interactions with generative AI. As he puts it, “consent, credit, and compensation should be top considerations when developing this technology.”

Key Learnings from the Report

Some key takeaways from the report include:

  • Over 40% of creatives believe significant elements of their jobs could be automated by AI, and 81% believe that AI will change core functions of their job within five years.
  • A significant 77% believe that content created by generative AI can enhance human creativity.
  • Ethical concerns are a priority, with 82% believing content creators should be credited for content used to train an AI model.
  • Almost 60% of creatives have not yet used an AI voice, with over a third saying that AI voices were still too robotic.
  • Of the 40% that have used an AI voice or text-to-speech service, nearly half did so because they needed a voice they could instantly download.

About Voices

Voices is the world’s number one voice marketplace, with over 4 million registered users. Since 2005, it has helped the biggest and most beloved brands to find professionals to bring their projects to life, matching clients with voice-over professionals in over 160 countries and 100+ languages and dialects.

SOURCE: Voices.com

Andy Cole
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